With the January 4 deadline looming over our heads, almost everyone from the MAJI(Master’s in Journalism, International) class has their minds on one thing above all, writing BLOGS.

Not just one or two blogs a week, it’s more like two a day; if our thought process allows us to do the same!

It’s our final bid, anything to help pull our grades up and everything to make sure we aren’t falling short on the 17 blogs half mark. Even though we are all striving to reach the 35 blogs ‘safe zone’!

But with all the festive mayhem in the air, last minute shopping and the little time we have to spend with our families. Be it in Ireland, Malta, India or Egypt, time is short and ideas are plenty!

When we are trying to strike a balance at a time like this, where does one draw the line then? To stop doing whatever it is they are and constantly take notes for their next blog topic, or simply let go of the assignment and enjoy the holidays?

The later may sound more fun, the consequences would be disastrous – failure! So instead if just enjoying yourself, you’ve multi-tasking, all the time! While it does get chaotic at times and you can easily go off tangent. The best thing would be to jot down notes when ideas come your way!

On the flip side

Three months as a blogger, thinking continuously, making sure I imbibed blogging into my system and daily routine, has made me realize that blogging is not that difficult after all!

Blogging in a way has grown on me. Today, I sometimes feel the need to blog, express my views in words and put it out there on the Internet for the world to read, analyze and give me their feedback.

It has helped me become more aware of my surroundings and has definitely improved my feature writing skills! So I guess while I’m cringing under a deadline today, it’s only going to help me increase the number of published posts and written memories in the long run!

= )


3 thoughts on “Blogs

  1. Blogging can be demanding. Content is always a problem. It took me over a year to post 1,000 pieces on my blog.

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